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Here's something special from my kitchen to yours:
Cooking Eggs Has Never Been Easier!
Cook 8 Eggs At Once!
Each set includes TWO Egg Pods - one in gray and one in orange - allowing you to cook up to eight eggs at a time in your pressure cooker!

Made Especially For The Instant Pot!
These were made with the Instant Pot in mind - the long handle makes it easy to grab them in and out of the pot! Plus, the hole in the handle makes hanging them in the kitchen a breeze! 
Sturdy and Safe!
The Egg Pods are made with BPA Free Silicone and are both dishwasher and microwave safe! They're flexible AND Nonstick!

Make Your Eggs Your Way!
You can use your Instant Pot and Egg Pods to cook your eggs the way YOU enjoy them most, from soft boiled to hard! Just adjust the settings and you're good to go! 
  • 15 Minutes on HIGH Pressure Steam
  •  Quick Release 
  •  5 Minute Ice Bath
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